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Dog destrictive chewing: Getting your doggie to chew on the right things

Dog destructive chewing seems to vary among dogs. Some absolutely love to chew on everything and anything. Some dogs could care less. Here are three top reasons why some doggies love to chew:

* Dogs have an ingrained desire to chew, most especially if it is a good tasting bone. However, there are also dogs that will chew up anything from a chair leg to a telephone cord! * Chewing does help nervous doggies to calm down. * Dogs who do not get enough exercise may chew to get rid of that extra energy.

How can you make the dog destructive chewing stop?

1. You first need to dog proof your home in much the same way you would with a new toddler walking around. Put your stuff away, make sure no food is left laying around and keep the temptations to a minimum for your dog.

2. Do not give your dog old socks or shoes to chew on as this blurs the line and confuses the dog. Then the dog has no idea what is okay to chew and what is not.

3. Provide your dog with alternatives. Buy her bones, toys and other dog friendly items to take the place of your prized possessions.

4. Spend time with your dog, watching for any chewing problems so that you can correct them while they are happening.

5. Develop a sound (maybe a clap) that will startle the dog when he is chewing something wrong. Do not hit or yell at the dog as this will only scare him and take away the trust. You could also get a spray bottle and put water in it so that you can squirt them when they are chewing a wrong item.

Love your doggie and be patient. You can stop dog destructive chewing with a little patience and love.

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