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Dog obedience problems should be avoided right from the start


Owning a dog that exhibits poor behavior tends to make the relationship between human and dog strained and your life full of stress. A well-behaved dog is one that is welcome everywhere you go. It is highly essential to spend the time correctly training your dog.

Dog obedience problems can happen as a result of many factors. One of the most essential things to be aware of is that obedience training begins before you ever bring the dog home. Whether you’ll be getting a puppy or an adult, there are actually ground rules that must be established. In the event you reside with other people, it is vital to get everybody aboard to make sure that training is positive and consistent.Make a decision beforehand such things as exactly where the dog will be let outside to go to the bathroom and exercise. Have a designated place that they will eat their meals. Is one person going to be responsible for walking your pet or will it be a task that will have different people taking turns? Having a number of the fundamentals in place ahead of time is likely to make it less difficult once you actually bring the dog home.

A few of the most common dog obedience problems involve jumping up on people, barking excessively, chewing on things it shouldn’t and playing too rough. Regular training using positive reinforcement must be started in the very beginning and continued regularly. You’ll need to be sure that your dog has learned simple obedience commands like sit, stay and down. Set really clear boundaries regarding what is appropriate and what is not. If the dog jumps up on you once and you do not correct it but the next time you discipline him for it, you’ll be sending him very mixed signals.

This poor communication won’t just serve to confuse your dog, it will make it more difficult to discipline him because he won’t clearly comprehend exactly what you’re expecting. Make sure that your commands are clear, consistent and authoritative. In the event that barking turns into an issue, first check to see whether there are outside issues causing this problem. Is your dog hungry, cold, stuck or tangled up? Many things could cause him to bark so first check to make sure that it is not a problem like this. In the event that barking is extreme without any root cause, be consistent with letting them know it is not appropriate. Spending more time with your pet and making certain he’s getting adequate exercise can quite often make a major difference.

Dog obedience problems do not need to cause strain and havoc in a home. Make effectively training your pet a major priority and always be consistent. Before you know it, you will have a dog that is very well behaved and a joy to have around.

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