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Dog obedience training equipment

To properly train your dog, you’re going to need the right dog training tools. These sorts of tools are designed with improving the learning process for your dog. Dog training tools are something which every dog owner must be well aware of. There are a lot of different dog training tools out there and knowing a bit about some of them and how they are used will be beneficial to the dog training process. Below you can read about a few of these dog training tools.

  • Dog Clicker: A clicker is a dog-training tool that is used for instruction purposes during dog training. A clicker is actually a plastic box with a metal tongue inside of it. When the metal tongue is pressed down, it produces a series of clicking noises that call a dog to attention. A clicker can be used to let a dog know that it is getting an instruction right or it may be used in a recall instruction.
  • Dog Choke Collar: These collars consist of a long chain with a ring on either end. The chain is passed through one ring and slipped over the head of the dog. The chain is used to correct unacceptable behavior. When the dog misbehaves, the chain is tugged, which tightens the chain. This serves as a warning signal to your dog.
  • Dog Prong Collar: A prong collar is made of interlocking metal links with long, upwards curved teeth. This works much like a choke collar, with the added feature of giving the dog a “poke” when the chain is tugged. The prong collar is used often in dog training to correct problem behavior and often proves to work when a choke chain is not sufficient to curb undesirable behavior in your dog.
  • Electronic Dog Collars: An electronic collar can release a small current when the dog misbehaves. This mild shock (although it is adjustable by the user) is very effective in discouraging problem behavior. Even when used at full intensity, the shock is not strong enough to actually harm your dog, but will get their attention. Electronic collars are useful in cases where other methods have failed to curb problem behavior.
  • Dog Treats: A treat is a reward that a dog gets for obeying instructions properly. The nature of a treat varies from trainer to trainer but the essence of the treat is to ensure that the dog is encouraged to exhibit the desired behavior again.

There are a lot of dog obedience training equipment out there; these are just a few for the dog owner to consider when it comes time to train your dog.

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