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Dog training and its rewards

Animals in general want to please their owners. If you want to teach your dog proper behavior or even to do tricks then there are a few simple methods to help you achieve this. Though it may take time and patients, dog training is possible for anyone to accomplish. One of the most important things is consistency.

Reward your beloved dog for good behavior. The best things to use for rewards are healthy treats. If you know the dog has a favorite food then you can use that as reward as well. This will be anything to show your pet that they are doing well and you are pleased with them. This reinforces the good behavior.

Don’t reward a dog for bad behavior. Take for instance Rover jumps up on you when you enter the house each day. He won’t stop until your give him a treat. If you give him a treat to stop then you are rewarding him jumping up on you. This tells him it’s alright to do this and sends a mixed signal if you scold him. This is reinforcing actions you want him to stop.

Your tone of voice may mean more than your actual words when dealing with an animal. If you are trying to correct a behavior then you need a firm tone. If you are trying to get your pet to do something then you need to speak sweetly so your pet will know it is alright to do as you ask. Reward your pet with love and kindness as well as treats for good deeds.

In the beginning praise may not be enough of an incentive to get your pet to do as you ask. They may need to actually see the treat before they will follow the command. The treats let your pet know they will be rewarded for doing as you ask. Eventually you won’t need the treats and can just use the commands and words of praise.

Some actions may require more than one command. It may be easier for you and your pet to teach one command at a time. Give treats throughout for each command followed. If the command is not followed then withhold the treat. This will help to prevent confusion for more complex commands. Remember to take everything one step at a time.

Dog training is about more than commands and treats. You will be bonding with your animal on its level. This is important to the animal as well as the owner. Start training your pet today and reap the rewards.

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