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Dog training: Dogs like to be rewarded too!

Dogs love to be appreciated! Just like us, when a job is performed well, we enjoy the approval and rewards of our peers or employers. But every dog is different in personality and this means that every dog needs a different type of reinforcement. Special tasty treats, playing in the backyard or a brisk walk are types of rewards that your little pal needs and really appreciates.

Until you know exactly how your dog prefers to be rewarded, check out a variety of different things to see which one he likes best. If he tends to be a bit high strung, a dry biscuit might be the best option. Or if your little guy is shy and retiring or even very finicky, he may prefer a more natural treat like a bit of real meat or cheese. Another small treat that is excellent for most dogs is the Bil-Jac Soft & Chewy Liver Treats. Yummy!

When your best friend is unable to predict which type of treat he will receive, he becomes much more enthusiastic about the entire affair. Variety is the spice of life and well he knows it. Most dogs love to play ball: fetching balls, chasing balls, chewing on balls. Playing is a good thing. Other dogs like the challenge of a pulling contest and some little guys even find tearing a great amusement. There are tons of rag toys to be found that will accommodate this need.

Giving treats may not be the best option for a highly strung, excitable dog, especially when you are attempting to train him. Instead, opt for a gentle body massage. This will calm him down and relax him. Petting your dog is a very reinforcing action that will help strengthen the bond of trust and love between you.

“Fading out the treat” is used only after your baby realizes that what he did was acceptable and you are pleased with his behavior. Using this method, your dog simply learns that there are a variety of different things that may happen when he does something correctly. When you fade out the treat, you simply begin by combining a tactile reward with a food reward. Gradually, reduce the ratio of food utilized in this process until he is receiving hugs and loves for his behavior.

How you reward your dog is definitely going to depend on his personality type. But all dogs like to just have fun. So, enjoy this time with him. Give him love and support and you will be rewarded with his loyalty for life.

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