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Dog training – Tips and techniques to use

When you first get a dog in your life, we admit that it is irresistible to sit there and play with him or her all day. When he or she jumps up on your bed, you do not want to push them to the side. You figure one night is fine. Well, once you do it, the dog is going to expect it each and every night. If you do not plan on letting the dog sleep on your bed, then don’t let them do it, not even once. You should also know that we have dealt with many dogs in the past.

Currently, we have a pit bull named Copper and he is highly trained. It seems he knows every command out there from sit to roll over.

When you first bring your puppy home, you need to introduce the collar to him. The collar is what you will be hooking the leash to.

The collar should be placed on your pet while you are there. Whenever you leave, while the dog is getting used to the collar, you may want to take it off of him or her in order to prevent strangulation. In due time, your pet will be ready to wear the collar at all times.

You will find that walking your dog is very fun and in due time, with the right amount of motivation and patience, you will have a dog that walks side by side with you on the leash.

Your dog is smart and we know you will see that as you are doing your dog training. Each day, your dog will be learning, but you need to make sure you have patience and confidence in your four legged friend. When you have confidence in them, they will trust you.

Lee Dobbins

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