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Dog whispering

Dog whispering is the talk of the town when it comes to dog training world. Dog whispering is more of an art rather than a theoretical training. It is one of the hottest trends believed to give out maximum benefits to the dog trainers, owners and the dog itself!

Dog whispering is not just mumbling a few nice words to your dog. It involves techniques to understand the behavior of your dog through interpreting it’s body language.

Your communication with your dog is based on your perception of the dog’s behavior and actions. Dog whispering gives out a feeling of a natural way of communicating with a dog that cannot be described in words alone. Dog whispering involves a radical approach that does not promote the practical ways of dog training.

Some believe that dog whispering is not so different from the technique used to understand the behavior of wolf packs. Dog whispering refrains from any scientific studies or standard research; it is rather a combination of genuine intuition and social behavior. Despite its popularity, many dog trainers don’t consider dog whispering to be a realistic way to train dogs.

There are no disciplinary commands or even obedience codes; it is just a simple method of understanding a dog it’s most basic level. Jan Fennell is a well known dog whisperer, who has acclaimed the art by using this natural way of communication with the dog. Based on canine ethology, dog whispering is a unique concept in the world of dog training. Although nothing concrete has yet been proved on the effects of dog whispering, there are certain mystic elements that make this a hot topic for debate. More in-depth studies are necessary to prove the benefits of dog whispering, while there is no doubt that it has been accepted by many dog lovers as the most humanistic approach in dog training.

Alpha dog paradigm seems to have inspired the concept of dog whispering. In the case of wolf packs, when a certain wolf becomes the leader of the pack then it displays dominance. The dog whisperer is believed to become the leader of the dog while understanding the dog’s natural instincts without putting him on obedience training. The main reason for becoming a dog whisperer is to attain a good relationship with the dog. How far would you go to become a dog whisperer? Maybe you are just content to teach your dog a few tricks?

It doesn’t really matter as long as you know how to train the dog in your own way of life. If you are passionate about your dog’s life, then it might be time to open up a few books on dog whispering. History awaits you to write a whole new chapter on this popular belief that has captured the hearts of many dog lovers.

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