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End your dog’s whining

The incessant whining that is part and parcel of some dog owners’ experience with canine companionship is soon sure to sap the last bit of love and affection out of the relationship and in some cases will also sour the neighborly ties of homeowners living adjacent to your vociferous canine. Of course, whining happens in even the most well behaved dog, but there are some tips and tricks to learn from dog owners who have been through it!

1. Listen to the different “voices” of your dog. Your dog is not whining or barking for no reason. Has he spotted another animal? Did someone enter your backyard and your dog is defending his territory? Maybe he needs food or water?

2. is your dog whining rather than barking? Whining is a sign that your dog is in distress and you need to check that your dog is OK.

3. If you have been out all day, your dog may whine because it has been lonely. Since dogs are pack animals and thrive on social interaction, this is a normal response to being alone and while you might not be in the mood for catching up with your dog after a long day at work, your dog needs to have that time. Fail to offer it to the dog, and it will let you know of its unhappiness by whining. Set aside 10 minutes to interact and play with your dog when you come home and culminate in filling its food bowl, and the odds are good that you can stop your dog’s whining in its tracks.

4. A dog locked out in the back yard is a sure recipe for incessant whining. The dog wants to come in and be with YOU. He misses the companionship with you and will persistently whine for hours until let inside. Keep in mind that if you leave your dog in the yard all day while at work, your dog can be a nuisance for the entire neighborhood. Much better to keep the dog inside the house.

Disciplining a whining dog is not a good idea. Remember, whining is a sign of distress. Punishing the dog will cause even more distress. Instead, find out what your dog’s needs are to take him out of the distress.

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