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Feel the pride of having a well trained Pomeranian

Anyone that owns a Pomeranian will come to adore this toy breed that is small in size and not very tall but which has many other endearing qualities that belies his littleness. Even though it is no more than between three and seven pounds in weight, it has a big heart that gives it courage beyond its size.

It is also very active and lively and it is an intelligent and wonderful watchdog that suspects anyone that he does not know and other animals that are not yet his friends. It can easily understand whatever Pomeranian obedience training commands you give it and provided you teach it in a consistent manner, it will soon pick up what it is taught.

However, it is not a dog that likes children and once it starts to bark, there seems like there is no end to its yapping. Thus, you need to take to Pomeranian training methods in order to control nonstop barking. It is so intelligent that it will bowl you over with its quick learning abilities and it will soon pick up your training lessons and do things such as 'sit' and 'fetch' in a ready and consistent manner.

Pomeranian obedience training means imparting Pomeranian training in an ongoing manner and it can often prove to be time consuming depending on which methods you use and your own skill at teaching. Best results as far as Pomeranians are concerned are achieved only after you or the trainer has formed a strong bond with the pet. Remember also that Pomeranian training does not necessarily mean that all of its behavioral problems will have been solved, though it certainly lays the foundation for solving problems.

With persistence your dog should soon learn to respond to most of your commands, thought this can take some time because of the dog's strong will and hard headedness. You should also expect it to try and do some training on you, rather than let you train him. However, it will train easily once it gets the picture and will respond to respect training, obedience training and also to being properly housebroken. With this breed of dog patience really is a virtue.

What's more, best results are achieved through exercising patience as well as persistence. And being a clever breed, it will try to train you rather than the other way around. Also, Pomeranian training can be broken down into respect training, obedience training and also potty training.

When all is said and done, Pomeranian training will prove to be beneficial because despite its feisty nature, it will learn well and thus add a new dimension to its character, although you need to begin this training at as early a stage as possible.

Also, remember that there are no boundaries when it comes to Pomeranian training, and though you may have doubts about the necessity of Pomeranian obedience training, there is a lot to gain since it is far easier to live with a trained dog than having to struggle living with a Pomeranian that is untrained, because these feisty little animals can often prove to be real tyrants when not properly trained. It is far better that you be in charge of your own household.

Rosie Allan

Rosie Allan loves small animals including Pomeranian puppies. Pomeranian puppies are toy dogs that make excellent household pets due to their small size and loving temperament.

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