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Four pillars of effective puppy training tips for beginners

Puppies never fail to bring a smile to people’s face and you’ve decided it’s time to finally own one. So you excitedly pick one that tugs at your heart, gently bring it home with all his supplies, and set up his new home – fully dog proofed no less. Now what? Well, you’ve been a responsible dog owner thus far, now it’s time to get him trained. House training a puppy is one of the most important things you can do for your pet. If you’re new, don’t worry– everybody was at one point. Here are some puppy training tips effective enough for experts to use and easy enough for us to follow.

1. You need to set yourself firmly in the position of authority. The foundation of a healthy relationship with your dog is the correct view of both of your positions in the ultimate hierarchy of things. It’s easy to be indulgent with a cute puppy– but if you don’t nip it in the bud, a domineering and bratty dog will be your future headache. Start teaching him how to submit to you by giving him simple commands to obey. Use a firm voice when you say ‘Sit!’ and gently push him down to that position. Once he understands that you are his superior other commands will be easier to teach.

2. You will need to potty train your puppy. This is one of the first chores in house training a puppy. Fifteen minutes after meal times, take the young dog outside to eliminate. Circle the area you’ve chosen for toilet duties and wait for him to do his business there. Right after he unloads, give him a lot of praise him for a job well done. Do this for several weeks every time you go out for this specific purpose. If you find dog matter inside your house, don’t get too upset, accidents happen. Clean the spot with a deodorizer thoroughly. Dogs usually sniff out their territory and reclaim soon after.

3. Your puppy needs socialization. This is one of the most important aspects in all the puppy training tips you will ever read. A pup with well developed social skills grows up to be a happy and confident dog. These are the pets you would want around the house. Begin this training by introducing him to all kinds of people early. Have him interact with vaccinated animals. Bring him with you in places where there are a lot of people. Allow him to be cleaned, brushed, and clean so he will be comfortable being petted even by strangers.

4. You must speak the language puppies understand. The best and probably the only language most animals understand is rewarding him for being good and scolding him for being bad. That part is easy; the trick lies in doing it consistently every day. You cannot reprimand him for being overly aggressive at play one day and the next day overlook the same behavior. This confuses the puppy. Be consistent in your training.

Sounds too easy right? Actually, it’s the simple things that prove to be most effective. Look through other puppy training tips and you will find these four principles at the core of them. Now that you know what it takes, go out and apply it right away! You’ll be a loving, responsible puppy training expert before long.

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