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Has dog chewing gotten out of hand?

Sick and tired of coming home just to find another designer shoe that has fallen victim to dog chewing? Well you have found the right place to come for help. In this article I am going to cover why your dog chews on things in the first place and what you can do to stop your dog chewing problem. It’s about time right? At least for the sake of those new tennis shoes you bought last week.

First you need to come to grips with the fact that all dogs have a natural tendency to chew on things. At least you can rest assured in knowing that your dog isn’t trying to destroy your things or get back at you for not taking him on that walk yesterday. It is important to stop dog chewing early as it can turn into quite a dangerous hobby for your furry friend. Things such as electrical wires can electrocute him right in the mouth if you are not careful.

At least we can try to narrow down the causes of your dog’s chewing habit to a few possible scenarios. One cause may be due to boredom. This will lead your dog to chew just to entertain himself. If you find this to be the case, make sure to give your dog plenty of safe chew toys.

Separation anxiety can also be a large contributing factor. If you are gone all day and your dog is left alone, try turning on the radio or the television to keep him company. Animal Planet would be the best channel don’t you think? This would help him feel as though he is not alone and he may not resort to dog chewing to make himself feel better.

If your dog is a puppy then you are dealing with a whole new ball game, especially when your puppy is in the teething stage. This is a make it or break it stage and this is the point when your dog may develop his chewing habit in the first place.

Fear can also be a contributing factor. Dogs chew on things when they are afraid. Try to figure out if there is anything scaring or stressing your dog out during the day when you are gone. Make sure to make your home as comforting as possible for your dog and keep anything that may be scaring your dog away.

In summary, try to make your home safe and inviting for your dog. If you get nothing else out of this article, remember that he is not chewing on your things out of anger or to upset you.

So always try to deal with your dog chewing problem with patience and love and you will get results.

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