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Here is what you can do to stop dog chasing

There are many different problems that dog owners have to address with their dogs. Some of these involve barking problems, digging problems and even jumping up on people.  Do you want to know the best way to solve these problems? Well, the best solution is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Start training your dog when he is still young so that he will be obedient and behave properly through consistent reinforcement.

Another training issue that sometimes comes up is to stop dog chasing since it can be dangerous to the dog as well as the individuals involved. There are different methods to use to stop dog chasing and preventing this issue requires that the individual be consistent with whatever method he chooses to use.

How To Stop Dog Chasing

One way for stopping dog chasing a car is to make sure that you do not leave the dog outside unsupervised and without a leash. You should never allow a dog to run freely outside because he can cause danger to himself and others once he is near the road.

Perhaps you are living in a rural area and you think it will be alright to leave your dog outside since there won't be so many cars around. Well, the answer is, even if you are living in a rural area, you should still train your dog to stay inside his territory. You will not want your dog to jump onto the road and meet with an accident. Another reason why you want to train your dog to stay inside the territory is because you don't want your dog to start chasing other people who happen to come near its territory.

The way to stop dog chasing is to refuse to run away from the dog when he tries to play in this manner. The individual should turn his back to the dog and refuse to give the dog attention when it exhibits this behavior. When the dog decides to calm down, then the individual should turn his attention to the dog and give it praise.

Another way to help to reinforce good behavior and stop dog chasing is to tell the dog to sit when it is starting the chase behavior. When the dog sits, the owner should give it attention so that the positive behavior is reinforced and the negative behavior is avoided.

If the dog can be allowed to chase other animals or people, it can be very dangerous to the dog himself as well as the people or animals being chased. Also, this might lead to an aggressive dog, certainly not the type of behavior that any dog owners will want in their dogs.

Every time your dog is chasing you or trying to play with you, you do not want to give any positive reinforcement to your dog. Although chasing each other might be very fun but you are actually cultivating aggressive behavior in your dog as well as chasing behavior.  No dog owners will want that to happen.

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