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House training a dog information

The first assets that you will need when house training a dog is patience and determination. Without those two elements stored away in your mind, you will not succeed. You won’t be able to monitor your dog all day long. And even if you are at home, chores and other activities will take your mind off of your dog until you hear your canine tinkling on the floor.

Accidents can’t be avoided with puppies. During the early months of their growing stages, they don’t have complete bowel and bladder control. They will tinkle everywhere. That will change as they grow.

The first step in house training a dog is to enclose them in a specified area that is floored with newspapers, their play toys, and their bed. Also don’t forget the water and food. I assure you when the dog has to let it go, it will not be in the food or water. It typically will not be where they sleep. On the toys, yes, maybe they will let loose on them.

This is a great way to begin training. The dog will begin to use the paper somewhere away from the places he enjoys or that are comforting to him. Finally, they will find a spot that they will always do it in. This will be their own self-discovered personal bathroom.

Once you notice this happening, put newspapers in the other areas of your home that are located a good distance away from the confined area. The dog will most likely, once let out of the area and into other parts of the house, begin to go to the bathroom anywhere to his liking. When they do that, put their nose near the disgusting odor, as they are sensitive to their own smell. Then direct them to the newspaper where they should have done it on. Repeat these procedures in an effort to get them to smarten up and catch on. This gets exhausting, but it has its positive results.

Over time the dog will go to the paper around the house when they have to do it. When they do be sure to get excited and congratulate them for a job well done. Go a step further and put papers in different locations and show the dog where they are at. If the dog continues using the paper in the new locations, you have accomplished the first steps in house training a dog. It is that easy.

The final stage in training is to teach your dog how to go potty outside instead of inside. This is relatively easy based on the fact that dogs love to go outside and sniff around. Begin by placing papers near the doors leading to the back of your house.

At this time, the dog is trained to use the paper. When he uses the paper as you have done such a good job training him to do, put their nose near it and point to the door. Then open the door and let him run out and play. By consistently repeating this process, your dog will soon catch on and will begin scratching the door when it is time to go potty.

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