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Housebreaking dogs – 1 simple tip you can do to housebreak your dog

Housebreaking dogs can be a chore I understand that, however, once you know a very simple trick, you will have wondered why you didn’t see it before. There are many simple and easy tricks you can follow, however, this one is so simple, you will have wondered why you didn’t think of it before.

Routine, a dog is an animal of routines. Without them, this poor animal is lost, and confused, and does not know what to do. You as the alpha dog, must create a routine to show your dog the way.

When housebreaking dogs, feeding time is the single most crucial time for your dog. All it takes is feeding them at the wrong time, and you will make it harder to housebreak your dog. You would be surprised at how often a dog is fed at the wrong time, and usually ends up in a lot of messes to clean up, and it baffles people why it happens.

Did you know that the most common feeding times for your dog is first thing in the morning? I am not too sure why people do this though. This is the single worst time to feed a dog. Why? Because by the time it has finished eating, you will most likely have to leave for work, and you will not have had time to take your dog on a proper walk. Even a well trained dog can only hold it for so long.

When you first get up, you take your dog for its walk, it does its business, and you reward it with a small treat. You take it back home, make sure its water dish is full up, and you get ready for work. Give it a very small amount of food, this is just to tide it over until the REAL feeding time.

Now, just before you head out to work, take it outside for a very quick bathroom break, just a few minutes to relieve itself. Take it back inside, and head off to work. Please check to make sure your dog has a full bowl of clean water before you go.

You are probably already guessing it this time, and I am sure you are right. You get home, you take your dog out for a quick pee. And after you make your supper, feed your dog its meal. This is the best time to feed your dog the amount of food it is supposed to have. After your meal, you play around with it for awhile, and then take it for its walk. You dog just ate, and playing will allow the food to move quicker through its digestive system. Once you get outside, it is going to want to go potty in no time.

Now do you understand why this is such a simple trick? It is all because you fed it when you had time to take it out. You didn’t starve it, you had given it a treat, and a very small amount of food in the morning. But it got its real meal when you ate your supper, this gives you time to take it for a full blown walk so it can do its business without being rushed. This is why the simplest trick you can do, is to have the right meal time.

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