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How can I stop my dog from biting

Your dog really likes to bite and you don’t really know what to do to fix it! Rest assured dog biting can be changed and hopefully before your dog bites someone!

So if you really want to stop your dog from biting you will need to understand what is creating this behavior that makes your dog want to bite. Sometimes the dogs bite out of fear, sometimes they have aggression, and sometimes they just play bite.

Biting out of fear will be due to the fact that they are scared. To help with this fear problem they will have to be like yourself when you have a fear.

You have to confront your fear and take it on. However, with a dog they cannot do this and they will want to bite.

You must be wary of this behavior and learn what they are scared of. This will help you figure out how to avoid this fear or help your dog cope with his fear so he will hopefully not bite.

If your dog has aggressive behavior and that is the reason why they bite then you will have to talk to a dog trainer. A dog trainer will be able to help you address the aggression issue that your dog is exhibiting leading to the biting.

One other way to cure your dog’s aggression behavior is to ask your vet about numerous things that are accessible to help you. Sometimes your vet might find out that your dog has some type of illness that could be causing the aggression and leading to the biting. Other times your vet could give you an idea on a type of training that you could have done that will lead to an end of the aggression.

The play bite is one more thing your dog will do plenty of. The play bite is mainly encountered while your dog will be playing with you.

However, the play bite can still hurt none the less! To help alleviate the pain of the play bite you can either wear extra layers of clothing to stop the bite from going thru or try to prevent them from biting all together.

Stopping a puppy from play biting though is extremely challenging to do. If you aspire to try to stop your puppy from biting though you can purchase some toys that will help keep him from getting as close to you.

Stopping your dog from biting can be difficult but accomplished. You have to first find the root cause of the biting problem, then once you discovered the problem figure out what step to take next. So be sure to find the problem before trying to address the issue.

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