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How To Potty Train a Puppy

One of the best things you can teach your kids when you get them the dog they have been wanting is how to potty train a puppy. If you teach your kids to housebreak the puppy then you will find that they will have a better bond with their dog and you will have a lot less to do as well. There are a few tips you can take so that your children can learn to properly housebreak their dog.

Make a Connection

The first thing children need to understand when learning how to potty train a puppy is that they need to have a connection with the dog. It is okay to cuddle with, play with, and generally make friends with their new puppy. This shouldn’t be hard to teach them, but talk to them about it being an important step in the housebreaking process with their dogs.

Teach, Don’t Punish

Make sure that when learning how to potty train a puppy, your children understand that a puppy is essentially a baby. He or she should not be punished when there is an accident. Instead, it is more important that they understand that praise when the puppy does the right thing is way more important. To housebreak your dogs, you should use praise generously and keep away from punishment.

Teach Them to Stay With the Dog

When teaching your children how to house train a puppy, teach them about dogs socially. A puppy is used to being in a litter. It is used to having its mother around and to being with its brothers and sisters. So, when it comes time to housebreak, make sure the children stay with the dog when he goes outside. This does two things: allows the puppy to be around others when he is out, and it also gives the children a present to praise him when he goes outside like he is supposed to.

Overall, when you teach your children how to potty train a puppy, you are giving them a stronger bond and sense of responsibility with their puppy. If you show the right way to housebreak their dogs and take on that responsibility, then you will save yourself the work and teach them a certain amount of respect for owning a pet.

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