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How to quickly understand and fix your dog’s barking problem

Do you have a dog that enjoys barking constantly? There are a few ways to certainly get the noise to lessen, if not completely go away. You will first need to determine what is causing your dog to bark. Then, according to the cause, you will want embark on this training journey.

The first common kind of barking is barking spurred on by boredom. With owners away most of the day with full time jobs, your pet can only nap and play by himself for so long. So, what sounds like a good idea? Barking of course. How do you go about fixing this issue?

You will want to make sure you provide your pet with enough toys to keep him occupied for some time. You can teach your dog how to play hide-and-seek with his toys, and when you leave for work in the morning, hide a few toys. This gives your doggie ample time to search for his toys throughout the day and in between naps. You can also buy “puzzle” toys for Fido that take up time, and dogs usually love these kinds of toys because there is a challenge and it stimulates their brain.

Another cause of barking is alarm barking. This is when your dog barks to alert you to something that is going on. Some examples of this would the mailman, someone at the door, or another dog walking by in the street. Your dog probably sees this as helpful, and they keep barking in efforts to make you aware of it. One of the best ways to help this is when your dog barks to alert you of someone he has seen or heard, let them know that you are aware of the situation, and thank them.

What you will later want to do is to train them to stop barking on command, using cues such as saying “quiet” in a soft commanding tone. This will take time and effort, and you may want to take a training class for you and your dog or check out a few barking books from your local library.

A third kind of barking is attention barking. Your dog barks because he is hungry; he barks when he needs to go outside; he barks when he wants you to play with him…the list endless. If your dog is barking because he is hungry or needs to go outside, these are basic things that do need to be attended to. However, if you still want your dog to stop barking, you will need to teach Fido alternative ways of communicating. For example, if your dog is hungry and wants food, teach him to walk over to his food bowl and sit silently. Alternative means of communication take time, but it is well worth the effort!

Finally, remember that it is never too late to train your dog in the area of barking. As a dog gets older and more set in his ways, it may be a little more trying, but it is possible. Also remember to reward your dog abundantly when he does things right. If you feel you must punish your pup, a harmless and safe way to do so is by keeping a water spritzer nearby. If your dog barks, simply spritz them with water on the nose and say “No.” Good luck training your barky dog! If you need additional information, libraries and pet stores offer excellent training resources.

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