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How to stop your dog chewing using simple tips

Many dog owners have experienced having their TV remotes, carpets, furniture, shoes and clothes being chewed on or ripped off into pieces by their cute, huggable and vigorous little dog. It is painstakingly heartbreaking, I know! But, chewing can be a habit that your dog acquires because of boredom, anxiety, or even frustration. It doesn’t matter why your dog chews, the behavior can be risky to your dog and can become very costly for you. Now here are some simple techniques and tips for you.

How to Stop Your Dog Chewing Tip #1

Chewing is completely common to dogs, and educating yourself on how to stop your dog chewing means getting a good grasp of the idea. Always keep in mind that no punishment will stop the behavior! It will even persuade them to chew more when left alone. Dogs normally chew out of habit, frustration, boredom, loneliness, and fear. In order to understand how to stop your dog chewing, start by giving your dog a lot of great toys as alternatives. Chew toys may cost you more than your old pair of shoes or socks but remember that chew toys are more helpful than that of your old stuffs. It will create confusion on your dog and you may face greater challenges in doing so.

How to Stop Your Dog Chewing Tip #2

Working on your dog’s chewing behavior first comes by learning the art of redirection. On instances where you find your dog chewing on furniture, shoes or other personal items, remember to turn your dog’s attention away from your things and unto something more appropriate like a bone or chew toy. When stopping your dog from chewing on inappropriate things, give them consistent praises and treats when your dog starts chewing on the new toy other than your personal belongings.

How to Stop Your Dog Chewing Tip #3

Letting dogs be dogs is not an appropriate phrase for people who needs to control their dog’s chewing behavior. Most dogs chew on personal things when their owners are not around, they act this way as they give themselves hope that they’re owners will return home. You need to supply your pets with some alternatives other than your tables, shoes, pillows, and so on. When your dog greets you at your doorstep with your things chewed, you need to train them to greet you with an appropriate toy. When your dog greets you at the door, do not greet them until you help them find an appropriate toy. Sooner or later, your dog will learn to appear at the door with the toy, and chewing then becomes seeking out the correct toy.

How to Stop Your Dog Chewing Tip #4

And when your dog is chewing while you are not home, and that is not due to anticipation, most probably it is because of boredom. Active toys are a great help in training your dog to stop chewing on the wrong things. Active toys are toys that stimulate your dog’s mind and body. There are toys that mechanically pitch a ball for your dog along with puzzle games that calls them to move a piece around the floor to get food. And, there are toy within a toy. Whatever the reason for your dog’s chewing, the key is to redirect them to more appropriate things. Keep in mind that teaching your dog to stop from unacceptable chewing is understanding, and giving your dog time to find the “right” items to chew-on so that you can keep items like furniture, pillows, and shoes more intact.

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