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How to train your Beagle dog

Most people simply fall in love with a Beagle when they see one on a regular day. True, Beagles are very delightful with their lovable eyes and happy attitude. However it’s very hard to train them. That doesn’t mean it is impossible it just means that it requires a lot of work from a young age and a lot of patience in order to get them to follow your command.

If you want to train a Beagle well then you need to possess this essential trait: you’ll need significant amounts of diligence to train it. Avoid giving up once you decide to train a Beagle. You need to show a large amount of commitment in training your Beagle.

It’s in a Beagle’s instinct to hunt and thus gets lose attention effortlessly, all set to run from one place to another for no reason at all. Training beagles requires you to focus their energy so that they are controlled. If you own a beagles, make sure they have a lot of space to run around otherwise they will do it in your house and cause problems.

Make sure your beagle gets a lot of exercise because when a Beagle doesn’t usually play enough to make use of its energy, then it becomes restless and makes a mess indoors. When you are outside with your pet, make sure it is always on a leash otherwise it will run away from you in all directions. Be assertive because a Beagle always responds much better to a person who’s in total command of the situation. Don’t wait till your Beagle is too mature to start training it.

If you wait to train it after it has grown very old, you will get only negligible results on its training. You can start your Beagle’s training from the age of eight weeks. Start with all the basic commands like stand, sit, down, heel, etc. Once it displays some obedience, it shows that you are succeeding at your training attempt. You then need to go to the next level of training – continue with the more complex commands that you have planned for your Beagle.

If you don’t have a fenced property, install some fences so that the Beagle doesn’t get lost while trying to roam away from your home. This will help you from preventing your pet from getting hurt in any possible way. Beagles are social animals – they always love to be in a group. Never try to keep a Beagle alone for long periods of time. This will make them bad tempered and sluggish. It’s also bad for their health as they tend to put on unwanted extra weight on their bodies. Since Beagles have an excellent sense of smell, if it is trained well, it can be used for detection work of various kinds. Thus all your efforts spent on your Beagle will prove to be useful.

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