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Little known ways to train your dog

When it comes to you training your dog to be more obedient or to change
a bad habit there are plenty of ways of doing this. But all of them are
ideal as a way for you being able to communicate much better with your
pet. Some people will read books whilst others will prefer to take dog
training lessons. But along with these you will find plenty of useful
dog training free tips that one can include and use and these can
easily be found online.

When you are going to start training your dog it is crucial that you
start their lessons as soon as you are able to. Although even if you
have a much older dog do not think that there is no way you can
actually teach them anything new. Even though the saying says, “you
cannot teach old dogs new tricks” this should be taken with a pinch of
salt. As long as you train them in the right way even a mature dog will
be able to learn the basics.

If you are actually considering using any of the free dog training tips
that you see it is important to remember that your dog does not have a
very long attention span. So it is important that any training you do
with them does not take place for very long. If it does, they will soon
become bored and then lose interest in you and what it is you are
actually trying to teach them and may well just wander off to find
something more interesting.

Also, when training it is a good idea that you try to mix the lessons
in with other activities that you will normally do with them and this
will help to hold their attention for longer. Also at all times, you
should use as much positive reinforcement with your dog during the
sessions. But you should only provide them with a reward when they have
actually done what it is you have asked them to do.

If you do need to reprimand your dog at any time during the training
then make sure that it is short and sharp. Plus you should reprimand
them as soon as the problem has occurred and not later on, as they will
not understand why they are being reprimanded. Again, this relates to
your dog’s attention span and they live for the now rather than in the
past or the future.

As well as the few dog training tips that we have offered to you above
there are plenty of others available that you may want to consider
using in your training sessions with them. Below we provide just a few
more dog training tips free that you may find very helpful.

When it comes to training your dog it is important that you establish
yourself first as the pack leader (remember dogs are pack animals) and
you can do this in a number of different ways. The easiest one is to
get them laid down on the floor and start rubbing their belly. As soon
as the dog rolls over and shows you their belly to rub they have
submitted to you and now see you as the alpha dog (pack leader). By
establishing yourself in the position of alpha dog (pack leader) you
will find that when the training sessions are underway they will
actually progress much more smoothly and easily.

When you are spending time training your dog it is important that you
remember that it will take time. Plus you will need to have lots of
patience and at all times you should be consistent in the way in which
you train your dog. If you are able to keep these and the dog training
free tips we have provided above in mind, then you will find that the
whole process of teaching your dog something new will be a much more
pleasurable experience for you both.

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