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Obedience training for dogs revealed

As a dog owner, obedience training for dogs is one of the most important facets of dog training. Obedience training for dogs is not the “magic bullet” that will solve all of your dogs behavior problems, but it can make a big impact. A couple of the positives of obedience training are that you will have clearer and more effective communication with your dog, you will also learn exactly how to demand obedience from your dog.

Dogs that have not been properly trained often exhibit a wide range of undesirable behaviors, some of those include inappropriate elimination, fighting, aggression, barking, and destroying furniture and personal belongings. These types of bad behavior gradually get worse over time especially if your dog sees you as a weak leader. This makes training much more difficult and time consuming.


Obedience training will also set you up as the chief of the pack. This top dog status will make training a lot easier and your dog will thrive to please you.

When you start your obedience training with your dog, make sure it is fun. By having fun with your dog when training him you will not only reduce boredom but you will also increase the success you see.

If you are unsure how to administer obedience training, you will need to enroll your dog in one of the many area obedience schools for dogs. In these schools they not only teach your dog proper obedience but they give you training on how to keep these lessons going in your home. You and your dog will learn proper commands you should use and other techniques that you can use in your home to ensure that your dog listens to you.

While training it is important that sessions are short and to the point, if you make them long and boring, it could have an adverse effect on your dog. You must also be consistent in this training so that they remember and associate their training with the proper behaviors. Make sure that when doing a session that you incorporate some of the dog's favorite activities and make the training fun while maintaining the firmness you will require for them to train properly.

Make sure that you offer rewards and treats when your dog accomplishes tasks correctly. This offers great encouragement for your dog and stimulates further improvement. Be careful to stay calm when praising your dog, if you get too carried away your dog will get excited and lose focus.

Treats and gentle affection go a long way in ensuring that obedience training is a success. In addition, keep reprimands down to a minimum, no dog will take you seriously if you are constantly telling him how bad he is or screaming at him for the mistakes he makes, in fact it will generally make the situation worse.

Successful obedience training can make a massive impact on your dog's happiness and your families. Be patient and consistent in your training methods and always reinforce good behavior with treats and praise.


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