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Poodles: Easy to train

Some people think of Poodles as not being real dogs, though for anyone that has
owned them, they are more than real – they are surreal. You would certainly end
up being amazed by the sheer intelligence of the breed, which is almost
humanesque. They are also very good learners that are given to having a high
degree of creativity and they are also not averse to being the star of the show.
However, it would be wrong to think of every Poodle as possessing the same
personality because the personality will vary much and the personality may often
reflect as well as compliment the personality of their owner.
Also, Poodles are the most pampered and thus can easily be spoiled by their
owners though that does not take away from their impressive presence as well as
aura of superiority, which can only be attributed to their most impressive
history. So, don’t be surprised when your Poodle prances about elegantly or
holds himself proudly and shows what a noble creature he really is.

Poodle does however require being intensively groomed and because unlike other
dogs, he won’t shed too much hair, it adds to the impression that the Poodle is
not very dog-like at all. However, the thing that strikes you the most about the
Poodle personality is his amazing intelligence which is something that the breed
has always been famous for. In addition, Poodles are also very versatile and
they adapt very well to different situations and environments and can serve many
a role that in turn depends on its current situation.

Standard Poodles,
however, require a bit more exercising than do the toy and miniature versions
and the reason for this is their bigger size. However, Poodles are also quite
mellow and do not jump about too much nor do they act too nervous and they have
an affinity for people as well as children. Also, you will not face any trouble
in training your Poodle though he does not like being caged, and is, in fact
quite a free-bird if truth be told.

You can expect to be pleasantly
surprised to learn that despite their small size Poodles are really quite strong
physically and thus should be kept leashed to prevent any accidents from taking
place. However, because of their remarkable intelligence they can read what
their owners want from them and thus will act accordingly. Having been
originally bred as hunting dogs, Poodles are good swimmers and are also very
fond of water and thus love their baths and won’t mind being given a bath

Another feature about the breed is that a Poodle has hair
that grows much like human hair grows and it continues growing, unlike other
dogs whose hair stops growing when they have reached a certain length. Also,
Poodles love to be taken for rides in a car and will jump at any opportunity to
be on the road. He is also very easily trained and is a friendly soul that has a
sweet disposition as well.

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