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Postive dog training – when to reward and when to scold

When using a positive dog training approach, one must be sure to keep in mind that this type of training is based on rewarding your dog for good behavior. That does not mean that you should never scold your dog. While this training method needs a positive manner, there are some times where you must be stern. Just do not scold your dog too much, because you will get a better response for positive reinforcement. It is an important thing to realize when you should praise your dog.

Be prepared to reward your dog each time he performs well during the training process. Orders that are obeyed such as sit, stay and fetch should be rewarded each time the task is performed. You can reward your do in many different ways- treats, rubbing his belly, patting on the head or praises and kind words.

Training your dog properly is quick and easy if you do it positively by giving him some sort of reward every time he does something good. Your dog will quickly learn the tricks and just want to please you. Don’t ever be harsh with your dog unless there truly isn’t any other alternative. Only such behaviors as growling, chewing things up, or pulling on the leash justify a reprimand.

It is important to note that you only scold your dog if you catch him in the act. Otherwise, the reprimand will not be effective because the dog will not know why he is being reprimanded. A quick and sharp word of “bad dog!” or simply “no!” is enough to get the message across.

It is important that you never ever hit the dog, as this will cause problems further down the road. Make sure your reproaches are crisp and quick, with an angry condemning tone in your voice, but do not be too frequent with them or your dog will eventually start ignoring you.

If you are using a positive dog training method, one important thing to remember is when you should scold and when you should praise. Remember, your pet has just begun learning, and is trying. So be patient with your new friend. With a loving and understanding approach, your dog will find training easy and it will be a wonderful experience for both you and your dog.

Lee Dobbins

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