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Premier gentle leader headcollars for dogs are the top choice

It sometimes seems a little harsh to put a leash on a dog, but it’s a necessary evil, especially if your dog can’t always be trusted to behave himself. Don’t forget too that during obedience classes a collar and leash are necessary equipment, to persuade him to obey commands and curb him when he isn’t playing ball.

Old fashioned collars and leashes only fit around the neck, meaning that your dog’s windpipe is constricted when he tries to lunge away.

Choke chains are worse as they can bruise and continually constrict around the throat.

Choking isn’t a nice feeling for anyone, least of all a dog, and it’s good to remember that this feeling may inhibit his potential to learn properly. Thank heavens then for this next item.

Trainers and vets love the Gentle Leader as it is made by the respected company Premier, provides a safer and more relaxed experience, as it does not work by choking the dog.

In the same way as we would become alarmed if someone was throttling us, your dog’s lesson in obedience will come down to exactly that.

Once alarmed your dog’s ability to take in training commands will be severely limited.

The Gentle leader gives you absolute control but in a gentler way.

It’s made of soft nylon, with a head collar to be fitted around the head and a band which goes around the muzzle.

When your dog pulls, you can exert gentle yet steady pressure to the back of the neck and over the muzzle, bringing your dog safely, calmly and gently under control.

With the gentle control the leader exerts, your dog will come into line without having to experience those feelings of panic.

Consider how much more receptive your dog would be if he wasn’t in a heightened state of emotion.

They come in two colors, red and blue and in four sizes, extra large for the big boys such as Danes and Rottweilers, large for Labs, medium for collies and so on and small for our little canine friends.

This could apply to puppies growing into adults too.

A dvd accompanies the product to show you how best the get the maximum benefit.

This product is a simple must-have for any dog owner, and so reasonably priced you have no excuse not to get one.

It’s a new age in dog restraints, with Gentle Leader at the forefront.

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