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Proper Poodle training: What it entails

Although Poodles absolutely make wonderful dogs, it is important that anyone who is considering getting a Poodle is aware of the Poodle training process and how it is often much more difficult than that with other breeds of dog. This is because Poodles tend to be very stubborn and dominant. They are also very forgetful which is why it is important to teach them things over and over again until it is burnt into their memory.

There are of course professional dog trainers who will come into the home and help train the dog, but owners should realize that the Poodle training process is a great opportunity to spend time with and bond with their dog, and this should definitely be taken advantage of.

Dogs are also always more comfortable with their owners, of course, and so they will feel safer when their owner is involved in the training process. If Poodles are not trained properly while they are young they may end up having bad behavioral problems, such as barking incessantly and chewing destructively.

There are a few important commands in particular which should be included in the most basic Poodle training. Heel is one of the first and to teach this command the owner needs to have the leash and collar on the dog, and command them to “Heel!” while at the same time walking out with the foot closest to the dog. The typical side to have the dog heel on is the left but of course this is up to the owner.

This is one of the easiest commands to teach a dog, and another one of the most important is the sit-stay command. To teach this lesson the owner needs to have the leash and collar on the dog and command them to “Sit!” while pushing their rump down and then pull the leash up. For the stay command the owner needs to put their hand out with their palm facing flat down towards the dog and they must command them to “Stay!” while stepping right in front of them at the same time.

The process of poodle training is one of great importance to stave off future Poodle problem behaviors and there are a few tips that every owner should remember. One is to be firm but friendly at the same time, because the dog is going to respond better to positive reinforcement and praise than to anger and frustration.

Being firm but friendly is also very important, because dogs respond better to positive reinforcement than to anger and frustration. When an owner is giving commands it is important that they use a happy and friendly voice.

Praising and rewarding the dog is necessary to show them when they have done well, and it is important not only to verbally praise the dog but also physically, by patting them on the head for instance. This will make sure that they realize what they are and are not supposed to do and make them strive to continue doing well.

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