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Puppy house training tips for dog owners

Resisting the adorable face staring at you in the kennel or at a breeder's house is going to be really hard until he makes his first mess on your carpet. Puppy house training should always be the initial step in setting up a good and proper relationship with your new dog; however, it can also very well be the reason for disappointment for some dog owners.

The great news is that a lot of true and tried techniques are available that will make your dog potty in the proper spot without the frustration and quickly too. Read on and find out tips for puppy house training that will make your life easier with your new pup in just the initial weeks of their lives with you.

Training using Crates

Using a crate in puppy house training is one of the most popular tools for a lot of good reasons. A dog will find it hard and will normally refuse to use the area where they sleep as their bathroom and keeping your dog in a crate for a short amount of time will train him to hold his urges until he is taken out of his confinement. Take your dog outdoors to do his business the moment you remove him from his crate. As soon as your he “does his business” outdoors, give him positive reinforcement as this will help motivate him to use the yard the next time he wants to go.

Not only will a crate be a useful tool in potty training your dog, it is also going to give your dog a comfortable and safe place to sleep in when you're not around to watch over him. This is useful in times that you will be away from home or even when you are asleep.

When you leave your pups unattended to their own devices can often become destructive. Having a crate will offer an atmosphere where he is unlikely to become injured or get into trouble. When it is your pup's first time to use the crate, make sure that he stays in the crate for a short time, and just gradually extend his time in the crate as it gets more relaxed with its environment. Remember not to leave your dog in a crate for longer than six hours or eight hours at the most.

Cleaning up the mess

If your dog creates an accident in the house, ignore the mess and do not put your pup's nose in it or scold him. Take him outside and show him the proper place to potty and only clean up their mess when they are not around to watch you.

It is crucial that you remove the smell entirely while your puppy is house training as this might be a cause your dog to return to the scent and do its business again. You can find a lot of commercial cleaners in markets today that will effectively clean up messes.

Puppy house training is a process that requires plenty of time and patience, but it is far from impossible. With consistency and the help of a crate, your dog will learn the proper place to potty in no time. Puppy house training is the first step in raising a dog that is a pleasure to his entire family.

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