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Puppy training your new little companion can be fun for both of you!

Puppy training should be started as soon as puppy comes home. Immediately showing your new puppy that his potty is outside is crucial in beginning the process of potty training. The process will not likely be fast, but the efforts and your patience will be well worth it.

Choose one particular site in your yard as your puppy's potty. You can put plants or flowers around the area to make it look better. This is a good way to show help your puppy to remember where his own potty is.

Teaching the command “outside” is very important. You should say this command loudly to your puppy when he pees or poops inside. Then you will have to pick him up and run outside with him to make him finish going potty in his puppy training area. Then you will praise him for actually going on the potty.

Elimination on command can also be taught when puppy training. You can choose whatever word you would like for this command. Constantly keep this word the same for anyone who is taking puppy to the potty. Quick praise should always be lavished on your puppy when he achieves milestones in his puppy training. With time and perseverance, ultimately he will eliminate on command.

Praise should be given every time your puppy asks to go outside and actually uses his potty. Tell your friends and family to be sure to praise him in these cases as well. Keeping a diary if when your puppy eats, sleeps and potties can help you decide when the most average times are that he will need to poop or pee.

Punishment is something that should never be done when puppy training. You will only hurt your puppy; he may even become scared to use his potty outside. Many puppies will begin to eliminate inside when they are punished when puppy training. They may even attempt to hide the evidence, yet they will still keep reacting in this way.

If you follow the mentioned tips, while maintaining routine, love, and firmness; just when you feel like he will never get it – puppy will surprise you one day in his potty training efforts. This will be the first time he asks to go outside to use his very own potty!

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