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Revealed: How to stop dogs digging

Does your dog love to dig? Digging is commonly voted one of the most annoying behavior problems of all dogs. Every year thousands of dog owners worldwide lose their gardens to their dog's desires to dig.

It's in a dog's natural instincts to dig which makes digging one of the toughest problems of all to remedy. Nordic dog's are the most renowned diggers, if you are considering adopting a dog and love your garden, stare clear of breeds originating in Siberia, Scandinavia and Alaska.

Some of the main reasons dogs dig include; boredom, lack of physical exercise, anxiety through separation, and desire to escape the yard.

Some logical solutions to stop dogs digging can be derived from the main causes of digging, If your dog suffers from boredom, get him some new toys; if he's lacking exercise take him for a run once a day; and if he is just trying to escape, you might be wise to leave him inside or on a leash when you're not there.

If your dog simple likes to dig for the sake of digging, consider some of the following tips to help the situation: Restrict access to the yard. You'll be able to guarantee no digging by doing this. Plant tough and resilient types of plants throughout your garden. Use roses as your dog will stop digging after he gets a few pricks from their thorns!

Some digging deterrents come in the form of sprays and powders. Spreading these throughout your garden can work very well in some cases. Get creative and booby trap your yard. Bury balloons that will pop when your dog hits them. In some cases this is enough to deter further digging.

Another thing that you can do is allocate an area of turf for your dog to dig in. That way he can still get the pleasure of digging but not bother you – it could be a win – win situation. If yard space is not available, or if you just don't like the idea of setting aside any of your yard to dig in, maybe a dig-box will be useful. This works best for small dogs.

For dogs that just love to dig, try to give them some outlet for their digging. The best outcome is to find a win – win solution to the problem.

The tips mentioned above are a quick summary of a few of the things that work well to stop dogs digging. For a thorough guide to stopping dogs digging, consider downloading a professional publication such as that mentioned below.


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