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Secrets to stop puppies biting

Puppies use there mouths to learn about the world, in many cases this is done through nipping. Flavors, tastes, and feel can be discovered and dogs can quickly learn what they do and don't like. Nipping and biting are problems however and all puppies need to be taught that this behavior is not ok.

Step 1 – Be the Alpha Dog

The first of the 5 tips I am going to share is to make sure you are the Alpha Dog. A summary of the key points required to be the Alpha dog are as follows:

  • Make sure your dog never goes through the door before you.
  • The puppy should always eat last.
  • Address disobedience the moment it happens.
  • If your dog is in your way, make it move.
  • Give your dog its own bed; never let it sleep on yours.
  • Avoid encouraging nipping and biting through rough play.

Play fighting and engaging in competitive games such as tug of war with your puppy can encourage nipping. These games teach your dog that it's acceptable and fun to play rough with humans. If you sometimes allow play fighting and rough behavior and other times don't allow it your dog will only grow more confused. Don't allow rough behavior, especially in puppies.

Ignore your puppy after you've been bitten.

If your puppy bites or nips you, give a short sharp high pitched noise to show you've been hurt (imitate the way a puppy would yelp after being bitten during play with siblings). Following making this pain-demonstrating-sound you should turn away from your puppy and totally ignore it for the next 15 – 20 minutes. Your puppy will learn very quickly that biting and nipping during play is not a fun behavior.

Don't permit your puppy to snatch food or toys from you.

Puppies should be taught not to snatch as soon as possible If your puppy or dog snatches something from you, say “No” in a firm voice and take it back off them. The immediately turn your back to the dog and give him no social attention for ten minutes or so. After the 10 minute break, see if you can get him to do the exercise again – better this time. If he's improving – start using treats and praise to encourage that behavior.

Stick to a Consistent Routine

The best way to teach your dog not to nip is to be consistent about not allowing it. If you allow it sometimes and not others your dog will be confused and keep making mistakes. Every single time your puppy nips you, you must discipline him. Start this process while your puppy is young and stay consistent until your puppy fully understands the biting limitations.

To find out more about how to train a puppy/dog not to bit and nip (as well as a heap more useful information), click the link listed below.


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