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Shar Pei training for beginners

DNA evidence has established that Shar Pei dogs are among the oldest dog breeds in the world. The breed has survived all manner of hardships. Originating in the Guangdong Province of China, Shar Pei dogs were originally bred for dog fighting, as their loose skin and small ears make it difficult for other dogs to bite them in fights.

Shar Pei problem behaviors are few, although many people mistakenly believe the dogs have a difficult personality, perhaps because of their dog-fighting origins and because of the myth that the Shar Pei descended from the Chow Chow, which can be a difficult and temperamental breed.


Shar Pei problem behaviors, when they occur, are usually the fault of an owner who misunderstands the breed. The Shar Pei can look intimidating because of the frowning expression on its face, but most Shar Pei are very friendly dogs who are loyal to their handlers. Dog training books can be an aid for owners who are not sure how to train their Shar Pei.

Shar Pei owners should realize the importance of socializing the dogs at an early age. Likewise, Shar Pei behavior problems getting along with cats and children can be avoided by exposing the dog to cats and children when it is a young puppy. That is not to say that an adult dog cannot adapt to a family with cats and children; however, more training may be needed to get the dog to obey commands from a child. Dog training books contain tips on how to socialize an adult dog and can be very helpful.

Generally speaking, the Shar Pei is an intelligent, easygoing breed. They are confident dogs that respect the leadership of a confident handler. The Shar Pei may refuse commands from children or other family members that the dog perceives to be below it in the pecking order of the family, but these problems can be overcome with appropriate training and reinforcement. Some dog breeds are hard to housebreak and have problems even in adulthood. Shar Pei dogs are very clean. Once a puppy is old enough to control its bodily functions, it is extremely unlikely to urinate or defecate inside the house.

Some Shar Pei owners complain that their dogs bark to excess, no doubt because of the breed’s origin as a vigilant watchdog and guardian. Shar Pei dogs have a tendency to bark at strangers who approach or newcomers who enter the family home. These problems, like other Shar Pei problem behavior, can almost always be overcome with patient, consistent discipline. Dog training books are highly recommended as aids for training the Shar Pei.

Shar Peis have been known to help themselves to food left out on counter tops. This mischievous behavior can be remedied by the owner’s denying the dog access to the kitchen unless the owner is present.

Like most dogs, the Shar Pei needs regular exercise. The dogs are active while indoors, so they do not need the exhausting romps that high-strung dogs need. In fact, Shar Pei tend to overheat, so owners should be very careful not to exhaust the dogs outdoors, especially in warm weather. When considering that the Shar Pei was once forced to fight to the death, and then nearly driven to extinction, the Shar Pei’s determined survival as a faithful companion and family pet is indeed remarkable.

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