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Some easy ways to approach training your dog

A well trained dog is like a well-behaved child. They are wonderful! The same applies the other way round ' an untrained dog is like a disobedient child. They can cause havoc! That's why it is important for every dog owner to do some simple dog training. Many people incorrectly believe that not every dog can be trained. This is not the case. All dogs can be trained. Certainly, some are harder to train and others are easier to train. The success rate depends largely on the trainer's skills and experience.

A dog that is trained will be happy, relaxed and secure. All dogs instinctively like to follow commands, and they will always turn to one person as their leader. This is how they behaved when they used to live and hunt in packs. One dog was always the leader, or the 'alpha'. You will need to take on this role with your dog.

The first step is to teach your new puppy or dog their name. When a dog knows his or her name, they will react each and every time you call. This will form the foundation of subsequent training. The first important command is 'come'. Hold a small treat near the nose and firmly call its name, for example 'Fluffy, come!' The puppy will immediately come forward to get the treat. Continue the process by stepping a bit further back each time. When the dog responds and comes to you, lavish it with lots of praise and affection.

The SIT and STAY commands can be taught in the same manner. Be sure to speak in a firm manner when giving the commands. Your dog needs to learn how to differentiate the varying tones of your voice. He needs to understand when you are addressing him in a serious manner.

Be cautious however about how many treats you dish out. While a treat is necessary in the early stages, you don't want the dog to obey commands simply because she or he can get a treat. You want obedience on command, with the reward being praise. Only use the treats while training. Don't give treats in between training sessions, because the dog will get confused.

Those who want to enter their dogs in contests shows will need to seek professional training. You can join a training club so that you and your dog can be taught how to behave at such events. Browse through some dog training websites for more information.


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