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Squeaky toys for dogs are guaranteed playtime favorites

Squeaky Toys can be great for both dog and owner, as dogs love the added interactivity of a noise caused by biting, and owners can use the sound as a signal for training and playing.  Squeaky Toys can get a lot of rough playtime so it’s important to buy durable, good quality toys.

Curly Pet toys, manufactured by Multipets, are available in several adorable characters: pig, kiwi, frog and monkey. These toys are family favorites with their exceptional quality and the added treat of a hidden squeaky toy inside.

The Hide-A-Toy Squirrel is great! This squeaker squirrel is cute, but it’s tough enough for you to hide it inside or in trees to challenge your dog. This one toy can give the two of you endless fun!

Your dog will absolutely love Jakks Pacific plush toys! The Large Classic Plush Rabbit is a product of exceptional quality, double stitched to be safe and durable for your pet, and it comes with authentic looking features and squeaking sound that your dog will love!

To complete the trio Jakks also offers the Large Squirrel and the Opossum. Your dog will want to play with all of the toys as soon as possible! And you’ll have to decide which one to play with first!

Your dog will also love sticking his nose into the hide-a-toy beehive! This high quality, plush toy is made interactive with the inclusion of removable squeaker bees inside the beehive which you can fill with treats and hide for your dog.

Purchasing this Beehive will guarantee hours of fun for your dog as well as amusement for the family.

A toy more suited to larger, performance and high energy dogs who would shred a toy in seconds is the Air Kong Large Squeaker Dumbbell Dog Toy.

This high quality, durable toy is over 9 inches long and includes a hidden squeaker inside a dumbbell shape. It also has an added tennis ball feature that’s easy and comfortable for your dog to chew.

Dobermans, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers all love these! An 8 inch Air Kong Squeaker Jack is also available for the smaller K-9 in your family.

You may also consider purchasing the Air Kong Dog Squeaker Tennis Ball Bulk, if a single toy just isn’t enough for your energetic dog. The non abrasive exterior is made from high quality, durable materials and conceals and interior squeaker that will keep your dog entertained all day. Plus, it will let you know where he is at all times!

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