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Stop my dog from digging

People think 2 different ways on whether it is okay for a dog to dig. Some feel it is what dogs do and to be true to his nature, he should be allowed to. Others feel like there are boundaries in their yards the dog needs to learn and they must not be crossed.

I fall right in between – it is a normal part of who a dog is that wants to dig and is therefore okay to allow this occasionally. However, there is not a good explanation why dogs and plants cannot live harmoniously in a yard. They will require some time and teaching by you.

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already got a dog digging problem and it’s too late for you to find out that certain dogs like Huskies, Malamutes, and Terriers are notorious diggers. If by chance you’re just doing some research and are about to head off to the shelter to see who’s available, you may want to keep these breeds in the back of your mind as possible candidates for dog digging problems.

First off, some explanations on why dogs dig.

1. Not enough exercise. Digging gives them a way to burn off all their energy.

2. Bored. Dogs like to have a job to do and if they don’t, digging is one job they will find to do.

3. World travelers. Some dogs want to see what is on the other side of the fence. So there digging is a means of escape. These dogs are much harder to train no matter how much working out and jobs you give them.

So how do you stop this dog digging behavior?

Well there are some obvious solutions to the above reasons that they dig. If he’s not getting enough exercise, get more exercise for him. If he’s bored, give him something to do, like playing with you or some toys just for him.

Deter them with their own poop. Yep, dogs do not like to dig where they poop. So move their poop to the area where they are prone to dig. Even if they occasionally eat their own poop, they won’t dig there. (For info on Dogs Eating Poop, see the website below).

OK, so what if this doesn’t do the trick? You are going to find a place where he can dig! Then you teach him to dig in that spot only. You can do this, even if your yard is not too big or you just can’t bear to see holes in your precious lawn.

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