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Teaching the dog to come when called

One of the benefits of obedience training is enhancing the bond between master and pet. Obedience trainings turn dogs into well behaved individuals. Without a doubt, an owner would brag about the pet’s ability to do tricks. An owner can control the dog’s behavior with obedience training. One of the important basic obedience trainings is teaching the dog to come when called as this can save the pet from a potentially dangerous situation. The reason why many dogs were not saved from potentially dangerous situations is because the dogs were not trained to come when called.

It is very important for leashed dogs or those that are kept on a crate to be trained to come when called. Dogs are energetic animals that would love nothing more than to jump run and play. Thus when a leashed or crated dog breaks its confinement, it would be gloriously happy. The dog would surely be very hard to catch especially if it was not trained to obey the come command. This scenario often ends up with the dog injured.

Due to the dog’s tendency to follow people, teaching the recall command would not be too difficult. Dogs are not called Velcro pets for nothing. Dogs though are hunters and noted to be curious animals. The dog would want to obey the master but it will be excited to follow the interesting scent as well. The interesting scent would commonly win.

Training the dog to come when called or any other obedience training for that matter is best started when the dog is still young. As always, a calm environment is a most suitable training area as a dog that is not distracted would adapt more to the training. Stand a short distance away from the dog and give the come command.

The dog may not come during the first try so you can let the dog see that you are holding a toy or a treat in your hand. Reward the dog with a praise, a hug or a treat when the pet comes to you after you gave the command. To prevent the dog from getting bored, the sessions must be short but the training must be repeated several times a day. After the dog has consistently obeyed the command, you can move a few feet farther or you can call the dog from another room.

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