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The do’s and dont’s of dog training owners wonder about

There are multiple ways to train your dog and many of these methods are proven efficacious in training your dog to be the well-bred dog you forever wanted her to be. There are some basic do's and don't's of dog training that you must know prior to training your dog. These do's and don't's of dog training are crucial to be noted of so that you might distinguish the negative and positive factors that can affect the way that your dog is reacting to his training.

The do's and dont's of dog training are not really something so complicated and these can be easily understood by even the simplest pet lover and dog owner trying their hand at dog training.

When taking into consideration the don'ts of training your dog, the dog owner needs to keep in mind that every dog is different. Not two dogs are alike, not even if they are of the same breed. People who own more than one dog are witness of this fact. One of the things to avoid when training a dog is to have to high expectations, especially if you are just starting the training process.

When a new pup comes into a new home where there is already an older dog, it is crucial to make sure that the dogs get along well. Avoid leaving the puppy around the older dog without supervision, as the older dog might not show too much patient toward the younger one, especially if the pup is over excited and they tend to be when they arrive to a new home.

A few additional tips on the don't's of dog training are: do not allow other dogs to threaten or harm your dog, make sure you supervise your puppy when he is around other dogs. Do not ignore your dog's body language, this is the only way of communication they have with humans. Do not physically harm your puppy, he will get scared of you and might even become aggressive.

When we talk about the do's of dog training there are some crucial elements that we need to keep in mind. Dogs are sociable beings but if not properly socialize they will have behavioral problems in the future, therefore you need to socialize your dog. Dogs deserve and require their own space from time to time. Dogs love to be with their masters, but there are times in which they also prefer to be by themselves. In addition dogs are to be respected and loved.

At times it can be irritating when dogs show dislike for other dog, person or simply other things. Often times these dogs are just being protective of their owners. Dogs know that their owners love them and take care of them and in exchange they want to do the same. They do not understand that is not always nice to show this type of behavior but frankly they don't know better, they are just being loving dogs in the only way they know how to.

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