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The Pug pup: Things you must do

The Pug pup is an adorable dog, who can resist its little funny face? And you must think so too if you are thinking of getting a Pug pup. Many of the characteristics found in Pug puppies make them attractive dogs to have in a family. They are friendly and loving dogs. They will keep you and you family amused with their antics. However just like any breed there are certain illnesses that the Pug is especially susceptible to.

Pug puppy care is quite extensive and you will need to make sure your Pug puppy gets taken care of properly to ensure a happy and healthy life for your Pug. If you don’t want a high maintenance dog then the Pug is not for you. Besides regular grooming and cleaning the Pug also could potentially have some serious health problems. If you are not prepared for this type of care then you should probably not get a Pug.

Never use a choke collar on a Pug; a Pug puppy already has breathing difficulties due to the way its body is shaped. Using a choke collar could be very, very dangerous. Pug puppies need you to be firm with them from the start when you are training them.

This means that you will have to be patient but firm throughout the process. The best method to use is the crate method, whereby your Pug is confined to a crate when you are not around to supervise your Pug. This is proven to be the most effective and used by successful dog trainers.

Pug-proof your house before bringing home your Pug puppy. This means wrapping any wires in heavy tape and putting plastic guards on electrical sockets. Anything fragile or that you don’t want your Pug to chew should be kept out of reach of your puppy. Remember that Pugs are curious and will investigate anything and everything so keep things like chemicals and yarn away from your dog to avoid accidents from happening.

Cold water is an effective way to cool down a Pug pup that looks like it’s over heating. You should also take your Pug to the doctor as soon as you can once you notice signs of sunstroke. A handy tip is to keep an ice bag for small necks, usually used by children, in case of such an emergency.

Pugs are a breed that needs a lot of love and attention and if this doesn’t bother you then they are ideal dogs for you. They will reward you with as much, if not more, love and are suited to anyone who does not lead a very active or outdoor oriented life.

Most of all have fun with your Pug puppy. Your Pug will be a faithful companion who will shadow your footsteps. Its cute little face will never fail to cheer you up. The extra time and effort that is put into Pug puppy care will be rewarded by love and adoration from your Pug who only wants to be loved by you.

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