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Tips for raising a Rottweiler pup

After selecting your Rottweiler pup you will be entering into a life
long relationship with your new Rottweiler pup as well as the breeder
you are buying them from. Typically a Rottweiler pup is a handful and
will require your constant attention for at least their first two
years, which is the most critical part during which the character and
personality is being developed.

While easy to train, the Rottweiler can also be a bit slow. This
doesn’t mean the Rottweiler isn’t a smart animal, rather it just means
they want to see how much they can get away with before they need to
comply to your commands. Therefore, it is easy to train your Rottweiler
pup after you establish that you are in charge as long as you treat
them right.

The first thing your Rottweiler pup needs to learn is house
training. You will quickly notice that your Rottweiler pup needs to go
to the bathroom every two to three house. It is best to crate your
Rottweiler pup and take them to the littering place as soon as you take
them out in order to house train them quickly.

House training is the first thing you should teach your new
Rottweiler pup. The first thing you will notice is that your Rottweiler
pup needs to go to the bathroom every two to three hours. To house
train your Rottweiler pup the best method is to crate them and take
them to the littering place right after letting them out. Training a
Rottweiler pup will require a lot of patience and control on your part.
Ideally if you handle the training well then by six months you will
have a completely house-trained Rottweiler pup.

Be aware that when you start training your Rottweiler pup they
like to use their mouths a lot. The puppy will bite and sometimes
pretty hard on whatever fits into their mouth including your feet,
hands, furniture and everything that drops on the floor. This is why it
is extremely important to train your Rottweiler pup to stop these
behaviors before it becomes a permanent habit for the dog.

In order to train your Rottweiler pup not to bite things you will
have to admonish them every time they are found biting things. If the
pup bites you and doesn’t respond to your loud vocal command then you
should tap it with a newspaper roll which will be sufficient to deter
any further attempts at biting you or other people.

You won’t have complete control over your Rottweiler pup for at
least two years and before this it can be hard to restrain a Rottweiler
pup so you should not have any small children around at this time. The
youngest child that can be near a Rottweiler pup is at least seven
years old.

No matter what the age of the child you should never place them in
charge of the Rottweiler pup since the dog will sense their
inexperience to control them and immediately act up. There is a lot of
work that goes into training a Rottweiler pup but it is worth the
effort, as you will gain a lifetime companion in return.

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