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Understanding your Shar Pei behavior problems

Discussions regarding pet-ownership always focus on the problems and liabilities associated with the animal. With the Shar Pei this is not any different at all. Although Shar Pei problems can be quite dramatic, they are very similar to other dogs with similar physical attributes and breeding. Most purebred dogs today were not actually from a purebred to begin with. Many years of cross breeding and experimentation usually result in a dog’s particular look and temperament today.

It is therefore important when evaluating a dog for potential health and behavioral problems to consider its history. For instance, one of the Shar Pei’s noted problems is its fierce protection of the owner and their family. Bred as a fighting dog in China, this is clearly part of its overall make-up.

It is most unlikely that you can train this tendency completely out of a particular dog. However, early training can provide you with tool to manage the dog in most normal human social situations.

Although a Shar Pei is not a huge dog, its maximum weight is about sixty pounds for a large dog, it can be frightening for a stranger when this rather unusual collection of skin and fur faces them off. Bred as a fighting dog this particular trait is indeed one of the most talked about Shar Pei problems. They are strong muscular dogs that can hold off a full-grown person and will actually require sedation or euthanasia should such an incident occur. Their tendency towards aggressive behaviors can lead to additional problems with routine health problems such as nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Unfortunately even good grooming can become a problem for Shar Pei owners. They do not like their ears being touched or their nails being trimmed. Of course this is true of any dog, however because of the fighting nature of a Shar Pei this can lead to some real problems. Early training is really the only way that you can get your Shar Pei to understand that this is not a threat and you can thus de-sensitize them to such normal activities.

The history of the Shar Pei is most intriguing. Historically they were a member of the Chinese Royal Family with the purpose of guarding them and were trained and bred as fighting or guard dogs. With a very strong will and somewhat bullish temperament these dogs appear to be most suited to that role. Over time these dogs almost became extinct.

If you are lucky and get your puppy to train and develop tolerance to normal grooming needs then you can have a fine pet that will only provide you with concern when others are visiting your family or you are out walking the animal.

As long as they are trained and adequate precautions are maintained for the safety of those around them they make a good family dog.

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