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Wireless fencing – Save money and time

Do you want to keep your dog in your yard without a fence? Is your dog an escape artist? Do you take your dog with you on hunting or camping trips? Would you like to own an underground dog fence, but don’t have time to spend on installation? Are there some rooms in your house where your dog should not be? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you may want to consider the advantages of a wireless dog fence.

Wireless dog fence is a new and popular product in today’s electronic world. If your bank account is a concern then a wireless dog fence is a good option saving lots of money spent on a physical fence that can be dug under. Do you want your dog to be safely contained but to be able to exercise too? This is the thing for you! A wireless dog fence is safe, affordable, and easy to install. You can’t see it and no one knows it’s there except you and your dog.

Some wireless dog fences are also available for use inside the home as well as outside, giving you the ability to allow your dog some freedom inside your home while still controlling his boundaries. Unlike other fences, wireless dog fences are portable. This makes them wonderful for use while traveling, and are especially useful and popular for hunting and camping trips. If physical fencing doesn’t keep your dog in, adding a static correction will keep them from even challenging the physical fence. You can even teach your dog to respect your physical fence if they are consistently kept within it, but most dogs learn it’s the collar they need to respect.

A wireless dog fence does have a few priorities. The most important is that you need to get your fence from a good company. The best ones are Petsafe, Innotek, and Perimeter. Make sure that the system you choose is suitable for the weight of your particular dog. Another transmitter may be better than one if you need a larger area. A wireless dog fence may not be the right choice for you if your yard is sloped. And you should definitely choose a model that has adjustable correction levels, so that you can personalize the training program for your particular dog.

If you use the instructions, then installing will be easy and only take a few minutes. Your home and your garage are both a good place to put the transmitter where it will not get rained on! After putting the collar on your dog, the most important part is training your dog so they quickly learn what is expected of them.

Some dogs may take longer than others to learn the boundaries, but the average is a few weeks. Persistence and consistency in training will pay off. Watch your dog closely for the first few times you use the fence. Flags would be a good idea to show your pup where he’s supposed to be. Make sure you have a leash on hand, because you will need it for your first few times. Also, you need to turn the correction level to the lowest point. Then follow him on the leash, allowing him to explore until he reaches the boundary and receives a mild shock.

This shock is very humane and is not designed to harm your dog, but just to get his attention. It is similar to the shock you receive from the carpet when you rub your feet on it. Pull back and praise your dog after they receive the shock. Give treats if you want to make your training better. Hopefully your dog will be understanding of the boundary after just a few times, but of course some dogs are more stubborn than others. Take off the leash when you feel that he understands about the fence. Keep an eye on him until you know that he will stay in the fence. The method for training a dog to an indoor wireless dog fence is very similar.

Wireless dog fence is a great new thing today, and is good for dog owners as an affordable fence for their dog. While there is possibly no perfect solution to keeping our dogs safe and contained, today’s inventions such as the wireless dog fence are coming very close!


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