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You’ll never scoop up another living room accident again – The guide to potty training dogs

Let’s face it, dogs are a man’s best friend until they unload a bomb in your living room and you’re stuck with cleaning duties. If you want your residence to be an official no canine poop zone; potty training dogs is what you need to be reading up on. Well, what do you know– you’re reading the simple and fast guide on how to do it right now.

Hearing the obligatory chores in house training dogs is enough to make the best of us cringe. Some don’t even bother to make an effort. As a result, many dogs have never learned the basics on toilet training. It may be easier to teach puppies good habits, but adult dogs can still learn to do their business outside properly.

It is much simpler to train a dog how to do something than to guide him in unlearning wrong habits. A lot of times, you will end up feeling frustrated. What you should do instead is to teach him a new way of doing things in place of the former. In this case, its using an outdoor area for relieving himself.

Choose an area for this specific purpose. Around ten to fifteen minutes after meal times, go out and walk him around the designated spot. As you walk back and forth around the spot, clearly speak out a phrase that relates to this particular activity like, ‘go potty’. Say it repeatedly until he finally ‘goes potty’. Praise him enthusiastically right after to let him know he’s done a good job. Do this for a few weeks, always using the same toilet area. Remember house training dogs require consistency in the patterns you set.

Once in a while you will still come across the dreaded mound of discharge inside your house. If he is in the middle of potty, stop him quickly and bring him outside to finish his business. Give him treats when he discharges outside successfully. If you do find the poop without the pet nearby it will be no use to yell at him anymore. He will not understand your reason for being upset and this will only serve to confuse him. To ensure this doesn’t happen again, be extra vigilant after meals.

In case it happens, clean the accident immediately as thoroughly as possible. Use a solution that combats odor to get rid of any residual smell it might leave behind or else the dog will revisit his spot and use it to eliminate again. Remember in potty training dogs, they do not like sharing their sleeping area and their toilet area; so keep their cage or crate as small as possible without it being too cramped for them.

Do not feed him or put water and food inside his cage at night so your sleep will not be disturbed. You can take him outside to discharge in the morning or even after he wakes up from a short cat, I mean, dog nap. When you have succeeded in teaching him how to go out for this particular activity, see to it that leaving the house is as convenient as possible for him. A swinging dog flap installed in your doors or a cage near an open back door will do the job.

Potty training dogs is a priority for the responsible pet owner. It serves as good mental exercise for your dog and your home will be thankful to you for it.

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