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Your first dog training guide

It can be an overwhelming experience to have a dog in your house for the first time. It needs care and attention, but it does also have to learn to behave. So training is an important part of your dogs life.

It looks so simple, when experienced dog trainers trains dogs. But you will probably find even the simplest methods to be difficult in practice. But before you give up, you must remember that a dog try to please its owner. So spend a lot of time with your dog. Then it will both love and obey you.

When the dog is between the age of 3 and 16 weeks, it is a good time to start training it. The bond between you and the dog will take hold. And the training will be easier in the future, if you earn its respect there.

The pillar of good dog training is commands. But even though it looks simple, when the professional dog trainer is doing it, you might find it difficult. And the dog will probably not obey you.

It is the tone of the voice that decides if a command is a success or not. Good dog trainers do not posses special abilities to speak with animals. They do just know how dog behaves; and how the right tone of voice can make it obey. And by practicing you can learn the same.

Your command tone must be firm; but also non-threatening. You must show who is the dominating part in the relationship between you and the dog. If you not do so, you will not be able to make your dog obey. And you cannot do it by threatening or yelling at your dog. It will only make it fear you.

Praising you dog is the best way to train it. Tell it when it has done something right. It is possible for a dog to distinguish between right and wrong. But you have to learn it the right behavior with good feedback.

So by using the tone of your voice to show it, when it has done something right or wrong, you can learn it to distinguish between what is good behavior; and what is not. Again remember that the dog will try to please the owner, the dog will learn to everything it can to follow your instructions.

When you master the tone of the voice, you can start to search for more complicated training methods to take the training even further.

But remember that all dogs have different intelligence and temperament. So a methods that works well on one dog, can be useless on another. So do what you feel rights, when you are training you dog.

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