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Vital Things To Know as a First-Time Dog Parent

Adopting a puppy is a huge decision; you shouldn’t take it lightly. Although many people have dogs, owning a pup isn’t for everyone—you must evaluate your lifestyle and plans to determine whether it’s the right choice. Once you decide on adoption, you’ll need to prepare your mind, home, and lifestyle to welcome a new family member. Follow along for a few vital things to know as a first-time dog parent to increase your preparedness for this new chapter in your life.

Their Food Is Important

It’s no secret that your new pup needs to eat, but what do you feed them? Their food is important, as each dog may require different types of food. Suppose you have a normal, healthy puppy—any high-quality food for puppies should work for them. On the other hand, you might choose a furry friend with a sensitive stomach. In this case, you’ll have to get them special food to suit their needs.

As your puppy grows older, you can switch them to food for adult dogs; however, certain pups still have different needs. Unfortunately, specialty foods can get expensive, so you must be willing to pay the price to support your dog.

Establishing a Routine Is Crucial

Many people believe that dogs live happily and healthily no matter what they do every day, but that’s certainly not the case. Like babies, puppies need an established routine—meal times, playtime, bedtime, etc. As soon as you welcome your new friend into your home, start establishing a daily routine for them; it’ll also be an adjustment for you. Most dogs do well on a set schedule—do your best to keep their days as regimented as possible.

Separation Anxiety Can Develop

Dogs don’t like being alone, and feelings of fear and uncertainty when alone are more prominent for dogs whose owners rarely leave them. If you work from home or don’t plan to leave your pup consistently, they may be more likely to struggle with separation anxiety when you do leave them at home. Knowing a few strategies to prevent separation anxiety is a great way to foster security and trust in your dog.

Pro Tip

Do everything you can to help your dog realize that you’ll be back for them—separation anxiety stems from fear of abandonment.

Dogs Change Your Life

Owning a dog changes your lifestyle and the way you make plans, but it also changes your life for the best. If you struggle with your mental health or don’t like being alone, adopting a puppy is an excellent way to improve your mindset and have companionship. Sometimes, we forget about the simple joys and pure happiness in life. But spending time with your dog reminds you to let go of your fears, stress, sadness, etc., and live in the moment.

Hopefully, these vital things to know as a first-time dog parent will help you feel ready to welcome a new furry friend into your life. Owning a dog isn’t always easy, but you’ll soon realize it doesn’t take long for their wagging tail and sweet eyes to steal your heart.

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