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Backpack pet carriers are essential for pets

A backpack pet carrier is the perfect product for someone who owns a small animal. You wear the pack on your back, while comfortable and secure restraints keep your pet safely inside the device. The shoulder and waist straps ensure even weight distribution to make it easy to manage and comfortable for you, too. So why would you give up on leashes and collars and use a carrier instead?

Rain and snow: Your pup's paws don't need to get wet, or be exposed to snow, ice and road salt, except during potty times when absolutely necessary. You can enjoy the cool weather, or that springtime rainy-day walk while your animals' paws stay dry and comfortable. And he'll stay comfortable and warm no matter what the weather, since he's against your body. It might provide extra warmth for you, too!

Long walks, hikes or bike rides: Sure, it's great to walk your pet, but smaller animals have to take several steps to amount to one human step. Going for a healthy walk is one thing, but if you plan to go for miles, think of your dog's paws. If the trip is going to be very long, a backpack pet carrier offers your pooch a rest and the comfort of a nice ride for at least part of the journey. Especially if you're biking, your pet won't have to run to keep up the entire time, but you can still enjoy some quality time together.

Injured and aging animals: Older animals have trouble getting around just like older people do. Arthritis can disable pups, and other injures can make mobility difficult. Regular walks can help alleviate some of the symptoms, but giving your pup a rest is a good thing, too. With a backpack pet carrier, your pet can enjoy the trip without struggling, and you don't have to worry whether or not he's in pain from the movement.

No hands: You can't hold a dog in your arms and ride a bicycle safely, or use your hands for anything at all. But you can do almost anything you want when you use a backpack pet carrier. Fido or Fifi is on your back so your hands are free to steer that bicycle or open that water bottle.

Safety: A small animal can usually wriggle out of someone's arms pretty easily. One of the biggest dangers stems from them running into traffic or running far and becoming lost. A backpack pet carrier harnesses your pooch or cat inside so that he can't just jump out at any time. And many backpack pet carriers double as car-safety devices, so that you can strap your pet into a seat belt for maximum safety within a car. Some are even airline-approved as carry-on luggage.

Comfort: Both for you and your four-legged friend. Most allow room for him to sit or stand comfortably, and can be adjusted with a rolled up towel in the bottom or with custom adjustments on some models, to allow your pup to lie down while traveling. For you, arm and shoulder straps are typically adjustable and padded. And the backpack pet carrier itself is lightweight, to spare your back.

A backpack pet carrier offers you maximum comfort and great protection for your four-legged friend on the go. A backpack pet carrier works best for animals twentyfive pounds and under, and should be considered necessary equipment for older or disabled dogs. But any small animal can benefit from a piggy-back ride, and you'll enjoy it, too.

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