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Designer dog bed types

The latest designer home accessory is the designer dog bed. Don't just give your dog a comfy place to sleep, give them a stylish one. Designer dog beds make your dog happy with their comfort, and you happy with their style.Designer collars, designer leashes, designer clothes, designer sweaters It is not a surprise, then, that there would also be designer dog beds available. The style is for you, not your dog, But wouldn't you be satisfied if your dog's designer dog beds matched your furniture and suited your personal taste? You may not need designer dog beds but then again, you may not be able to live without one.

Recognizable Names Mean Higher Prices

If you find normal dog beds pass, you might delight to the styles, colors and form factors that are available with designer dog beds. These beds will still meet your dog's requirements but add a lot of style that the standard $50 and under pet beds can't.

Designer Dog Beds: Shapes and Styles

Designer dog beds aren't typically just the same old beds with a designer's name on them, however. Even where designer dog beds follow the same form factor as non-designer beds, the designer who puts his or her name on the label has thought out the look and style. They come in just about any style, shape or size you can imagine.

Normal, donut dog beds don't really look like donuts. For one thing, these beds have bottoms. They do have solid sides, and are usually round, thus giving them the donut like shape and inspiring the name. The ring part also makes a fine headrest for sleeping doggies. The shape may be ordinary but a lot of designer dog beds in this common style look very distinctive due to the variety of colors and fabrics.

Some beds are in keeping with the tendency to see dogs as little humans. People put sweaters on their dogs, so why not beds that resemble little sofas? These mini sofas are most likely available in a shape and color that matches your own sofa, and may also even be customizable.

Along those lines, some designer dog beds are styled to look like little human beds. Some even have headboards and footboards. Other designer dog beds are styled more like the rest of your furniture, with designer dog beds hidden away, as if they were miniature indoor doghouses-except disguised as end tables.

Beds with Custom Aspects

Some designer have advanced functions to increase your pet's comfort. For example, heated dog beds are available. These heated dog beds are ideal for older or arthritic dogs. Heated dog beds may not be the ideal pet beds in warmer climates, however. In hot climates, beds are available with cooling pads.

Designer Dog Beds: Shopping Notes

Your dog's bed should do more than satisfy your sense of style. It needs to satisfy your dog. That means it need to be comfy and have enough room for him or her to turn around. If your dog chews things, get chew proof designer dog beds.

Take your dog's sleeping habits into account also. A fancy doghouse-style bed, which neatly hides your dog's bed away, isn't going to be all that useful if your dog doesn't like small, enclosed spaces. You don't want to spend a lot of money on pet beds for your dog only to have him ignore it.

If you are buying for a puppy, make sure you understand how big the dog will eventually grow. You will either have to buy a large bed later, or just buy one at the start. If your puppy is a larger breed it may be a waste of money to buy a small bed when he is small, as they grow fast.

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