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Dog sweaters

Dog sweaters can be designer or handmade. Whether they are knitted or crocheted, dog sweaters come in a variety of colors and styles. Dog sweaters may resemble plain or preppy sweaters for men or have a holiday design.

Dog sweaters typically have a collar around the dog's neck and fit around the dog's chest and front legs. The bottom of the dog sweater usually sits on top of the dog's back with no sleeves for the dog's rear legs which could be easily soiled.

Ralph Lauren makes designer sweaters for small dogs. Ralph Lauren dog sweaters start at ninety-five dollars and can cost as much as one hundred fifteen dollars.

Ralph Lauren dog sweaters are made from either wool, cashmere, or a combination of wool and cashmere. They come in a several different styles and colors and can be purchased through the Ralph Lauren website.

Some people who have a home business making dog sweaters will make sweaters that are customized to fit the dog. Most dog sweaters that are not custom made are only available for small dogs. Therefore, a dog owner of a medium or large dog may need to have one customized to fit their dog.

Companies and home-based businesses that offer customized dog sweaters can be found by doing an Internet search. Through Internet searches, dog sweaters can be found that cost under ten dollars. Patterns are also available on the Internet for dog owners who want to crochet or knit their own dog sweaters.

Dog owners may feel that dressing the dog in a dog sweater helps express the dog's personality. Since the dog owner is selecting and purchasing the dog sweater, it is actually the dog owner's personality or dog owner's perception of the dog's personality that is being expressed.

Using dog sweaters are typically based on the appeal of the sweater to the dog owner. However, dog sweaters can be beneficial for dogs with short hair that may need to spend time outside in cold or damp weather.

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