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Locating the perfect designer dog bed

Diamond accessories. Fine lamb's wool sweaters. Gucci pet carriers. In recent years many stylish products have hit the pet supplies marketplace, and designer dog beds are just one of the many fabulous accouterments available to discerning dog owners, and their dogs. Designer dog beds are not only fashionable for your home, they are highly comfortable for your dog.

Some designer dog beds are quite simple, made in the same basic styles as most dog beds, but constructed from better quality materials on the outside (micro fiber fabric, fleece lining, etc), and padding such as feather down, or orthopedic gel-foam and memory foam for the best comfort of your canine friend.

Higher end designer pet beds are made to resemble human versions. Mini couches and recliners can be special ordered to match your home's existing decor. These couches are so close to the "real" thing that even dogs that only sit on your couch will use his or her own couch instead. An added feature to these dog couches is that they are lower to the ground, making it much easier for senior pets to get on and off, while preventing smaller pets from orthopedic injuries due to jumping up and down from heights.

dog in bedOther styles of designer pet beds include beds made from wooden or iron frames, complete with a mattresses and frame colors to suit any color scheme. As a side benefit, these beds usually are elevated off the ground which is terrific for keeping pets off the cold floor, and away from drafts. Custom wraps are also an option to help provide extra comfort.

Designer dog beds are now being constructed in just about every style imaginable, starting with a well-made, classic style to the most elaborate miniature replicas. There's no limit when it comes to designer dog beds, and more options will be added over the coming years.

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Wednesday, 06 December 2023

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