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Beagle. Lively, active, high energy dog. "Step a side, here comes the Beagle"

The beagle is one of the most popular hounds bred to hunt with men who are on foot or on horseback. The rabbit and hare being the most common hunted animal by the Beagle. This breed is very eager and full of enthusiasm and always ready for any activity that would include it.

The Beagle is referred to also as the Scent Hound.

These hounds specialize in following the scent or the smell of its quarry. The Beagle originates from England. Its origins can be dated back to the 1400’s. It was not until the mid 1500s that hounds were classified according to their purpose.

The beagle has a large nose which has deep, open nostrils and their lips are loose and moist, which makes them specially designed to locate the scent of an animal and follow its trail.

The ancestors of the Beagle date back as far as the Greeks, who were well known for hunting with packs of dogs. It is of no doubt that the Romans were responsible for spreading this particular type of breed throughout the realms of the Roman Empire.

There is a long and colorful history of England, which is highly influenced by the French and the French language. This happened in 1066 during such events of the Norman Invasion. It will come as a revelation to many that the only language that was spoken by the famed English King, Richard the Lionheart was French.

Therefore it will come as no surprise that a vast majority of French words found their way into the English language. One of these words being beagle. The word Beagle comes from Begle which is a French term that means gape throat. This is because of the animals tendency to make what has been described as the bloodcurdling “beagle music".

The Beagle is a very adaptable breed.

They are particularly loyal, inquisitive, playful, affectionate and gentle. They are highly energetic and very alert, active and even tempered. The Beagle requires constant companionship as it has been bred as a pack dog. If it does not receive companionship from other dogs, then it will demand it from its owner.

It is essential that the owner establishes themselves as the pack leader and sets down all rules, otherwise the beagle will run the household. It is essential that a Beagle is given a great deal of exercise and attention. It is also important to remember that this breed is a very independent and strong willed dog, therefore it may run off to follow a scent trail.

Beagles are not usually aggressive towards other dogs.

However, they will protect their territory by growling when appropriate. A beagle will play with intruders once they are not regarded as a threat.

Being a pedigree dog, the beagle has always been a highly popular breed in the United States and Canada, more so than in their native country. The National Beagle Club of America was formed in 1888, and by the year of 1901, a Beagle had won a Best in Show title.

In 1928, the Beagle won a many prizes at the Westminster Kennel Club’s show, and by 1939 a Beagle, Champion Meadowlark Draughstman, has received the title of top-winning American-bred dog for the year.

For 30 years, the Beagle has been consistently in the top ten most popular breeds in North America.

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