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Border Collies for sale!

If you are looking for Border Collies for sale, the following information will help determine what is involved in the care and training of this wonderful and intelligent dog. Border Collies originated in Northumberland on the Scottish/English border. These dogs were originally called working Collies. The word Collie is thought to be derived from the Celtic and Gaelic word for useful. The breed is descended from old British droving breeds with some Spaniel added. They were bred for herding and are still the number one herding breed.  As they herd the sheep, they also stare at them to keep them totally in control without nipping or biting.

If you are interested in Border Collies for sale, here are some of the basic facts that you should be aware of:


Between 18 and 22 inches

Weight: Between 27-45 pounds

Coat Type: Smooth variety as well as rough variety, double coated with feathering which is long and silky to the touch. Their coloring can be varied, including solid, tricolor, bicolor, sable and merle, but the classic is the black and white variety. They are moderate shedders and, they shed most in early spring and late fall.


Border Collies are rather low maintenance dogs. Brush and bathe once a week. The feathering down the front legs and tail should be trimmed when necessary.


Extremely intelligent, affectionate and incredibly athletic. If they do not get plenty of mental and physical stimulation they will be bored. They must be supervised around children.  Since they are working dogs, they need to be doing an activity to thrive and be happy.


Border Collies love to play fetch with a ball or a flying disc, and they will chase just about anything, even a car.. They also enjoy swimming. They need lots of exercise, such as a long, brisk, daily walk.


Border Collies love to learn new things and they excel in all forms of training. A fenced in yard and plenty of leash training is very important for this breed.  They are very responsive and easily trained.

Border collies have been used by many Search and Rescue teams because of their highly developed sense of smell and high drive.  Some famous Border Collies include Bingo from the movie Bingo, Fly and Rex from the movie Babe, Mike from Down and Out in Beverly Hills and Rico – the dog who recognizes dozens of objects by name.

When purchasing Border Collies, please make sure you go to a reputable breeder. Tell the breeder what you are looking for and they will be able to set you up with the puppy that is best for you and your lifestyle. Keep in mind that Border Collies need a home with active owners who will enjoy spending lots of time exercising and training them. 

It is so important to pick the right dog. Some people spend more time picking their next sofa then picking the right breed of dog for them. If you have never really spent time around  Border Collies, try to do this before you decide to obtain one.  This is a choice that you should be absolutely sure about.  These magnificent dogs deserve to be given the best possible care and treatment from their human friends

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