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Border Terrier as man's best friend

The Border Terrier is a level tempered dog that you might see being used as a therapy dog. They are known to have a high capacity to think independently and are very smart dogs. Terriers are extremely agile and have powerful jumping ability.

Borders love to run so daily trips to the park or out for a long run is just what the Border Terrier needs to keep them active. Natural born foxhunters, they were used back in the day to flush the foxes, otters and badgers out of their holds. It's always amazing to see this quick dog in action and jumping despite their how short their legs are.

Border Terriers are natural born runners. Their innate sense of the chase make these dogs a breed that you need to watch around small animals like mice, rabbits and such. They can learn not to chase the family kitten provided you raise them together but when you are out walking, best to keep them on a leash because they are likely to bolt if they see a stranger cat.

If you become the owner of a Border Terrier, best to make sure that you keep all small stuffed toys and such away from this little guy. They love to chew on toys and have been known to consume a toy here and there. If you Border Terrier becomes listless or uninterested in affection or has trouble sleeping have him checked to make sure he has not ingested something.

The funny thing about these active dogs is that sometimes on a walk, they like to also sit and watch all the activity going on around them. They will often stop and lay in the grass to take a rest and at times it's difficult to get them up and going when you are ready. They do have a stubborn side that often displays itself when they are tired.

There are a few health problems common to the Border Terrier such as seizures, juvenile cataracts, hip Dysplasia, retinal diseases to name a few. They can also be slow to anesthetize even though they are sensitive to anesthetics. They can also have a very high threshold for pain.

Border Terrier's fall in the medium size category weighing in at between 11 and 15 pounds with the females usually weighing the least. Their coats are dirt and weather resistant that requires a weekly brushing. They do shed but the weekly brushing can help with this issue as well as hand stripping a couple of time a year.

Exercise should be a big part of your Border Terrier's life. They are very active and we can curb this behavior by consistent command training from an early age. Their willingness to please makes training your Border Terrier easier then other dogs.

They are known to get along well with other dogs but at times can be confrontational. While signs of aggression are not unusual, this behavior is not displayed very often. Knowing your dog's limits and socialization can be contributing factors that lead to a happy Border Terrier.

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