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Boston Terrier Breeding: Pure breed or cross breeding

The Boston Terrier is certainly a wonderful animal and also one of the few to be considered as being an all American dog breed. And as the name implies, the breed was developed in the city of Boston and in fact has become more popular with each year though he is still not among the top dog breeds in America. The Boston Terrier is really the product of cross breeding between the English Bulldog and the English Terrier and he is also commonly known as the Bull Terrier and even Roundhead.

When engaged in Boston Terrier breeding there are certain things that need to be borne in mind including the appearance, size, personality and health problems that should in fact be in conformance to the breed standards pertaining to the Boston Terrier. The complete breeding standards for the Boston Terrier, as well as any other recognized breed, can be found on the American Kennel Club website.

Although there are professional breeders who have carefully preserved the best characteristics of the breed, there are many who engage in Boston Terrier breeding just to be able to make money out of their efforts. Of course, the motivating force behind breeding Boston Terriers may in fact have a lot to do with the love for the breed (and dogs in general), though often it also has to do with earning money from their endeavors. However, provided that dog owners giver their pets adequate Boston Terrier care, there is no reason why they too cannot turn into breeders as well.

One of the more important considerations in proper Boston Terrier breeding is to ensure that mating is done between healthy as well as compatible dogs as this will help ensure proper temperament and size as well as also the best characteristics of the breed will be passed on to the puppies. It is thus necessary to mate only those dogs that are healthy, compatible and will be able to produce robust puppies as well.

If you are not sure of what proper Boston Terrier breeding requires, it is better that you abstain from this activity because not only is proper breeding difficult, but it should also not be done in the form of trial and error.

There is thus no sure way of determining which type of Boston Terrier offspring will turn out to better.

In addition, you also need to ensure that you have a proper home and the right environment in which to keep your dogs as well as the offspring. You don't want to end up sending your Boston Terriers to a shelter just because you could not provide them with proper facilities. In addition, you don't want your love for the Boston Terrier blind you from the truths regarding proper Boston Terrier breeding practices.

You should be absolutely sure that you can indeed provide for the dogs and their puppies and also ensure that the parents that are being bred are compatible to each other to ensure consistency in the breed.

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